by Karen Georgia A. Thompson

we come into this world 

we come knowing 
we come with purpose 
we are

knowing is of the self 
knowledge of our power
awareness of the wisdom
traveling with us
instinct aligning our journey

purpose is present 
the peace that we are
we are courageous
we are open
we are a part of the Universe 

we encounter a world
our opinions grate
our certainty wavers
we lose purpose 

we hide our gifts
the pain of living 
like water flowing changing rock
wears us down 
tearing us at the core

we are ready
our aches and pains
a sign of restlessness
calling us back
to brilliance

the weariness in our spirits
a reminder
purpose awaits 
pulling at our center 
willing us to remember

we came 
into this world ready
we are enough
we are brilliant
we are ready

3 December 2020
Olmsted Township, OH

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