by Karen Georgia A. Thompson

they could feel the restlessness of oncoming change
the years were present in their eyes
they saw the goodness of living across the ages
theirs was clear vision of what life could be
they knew all the ways to be free

their knowing was incomplete
this knowledge needed was beyond the self
they answered ancient calls they heard
noises heard in voices past and present
sounds carried on the winds and the seas

they answered knowing they needed help
their knowledge crossed many worlds
they walked lands only present in dreams
they walked and created the sands of time
they crafted the abilities needed to shine

their will was beyond reason
their wisdom defied any intellect
they drew no maps to find where to go
the plan was to follow the Gods and the Ancestors
a journey into tomorrow
to rediscover knowledge left yesterday for souls

they blew breath and created new paths for the journey
they drew swords to set their children free
no need to judge this vision
held across centuries and millennia
they carried healing in their hands
commanding the stars with their voices.

they broke down fences
choosing instead to build bridges
daring to cast a vision steeped in love
they understood only love can overcome the absence of light
they believed and lived the light of love
the power of love is the light

they harnessed this great light
dispensed healing across generations as they travelled
they chanted words into wisps of clouds across the sky
they worshipped in the light of the sun and the moon
theirs voices whispering the melodic sacredness of transforming

meet this great wisdom visiting on each breath
hear their presence echoed in the hush
they live each day as the manifested holy
their opened hearts converting gifts into miracles
they breathe the wonder of spirit’s refining fire
theirs an invitation to emerge and come alive
they run in the healing spirit of the seas

they push soil to form mountains and time
they drink the wisdom waters of the mighty oceans
they build bridges into dreams
they are the intention to live whole and heal the broken

2 February 2021
Olmsted Township, OH

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