Karen Georgia Thompson is a writer and poet.  She was born in Kingston, Jamaica and lives in the U.S. in Olmsted Township, OH.  She writes from her experience as a global citizen.

Rev. Dr. Karen Georgia A. Thompson is a writer and poet who believes that words have power to heal and bring new life to body, mind and spirit. She is a healer and seer in the traditions of her Ancestors and holds sacred the gifts she carries. She incorporates her culture and heritage with her spiritual and healing practices, and the rituals she creates for healing and self care. Her work has a focus on healing from grief, death, and loss, an out growth of her journey through caring for her Mother and losing both parents in less than two years. She creates rituals for healing and loss and believes writing is a source of healing emotional pain and loss.

She is an inspiring preacher, speaker, teacher and theologian, who shares her skills and gifts in a variety of settings internationally. She is an ordained minister in the United Chirch of Christ. Her book of poetry entitled “Drums in our Veins” will be published in 2022.

You can contact her at:
Twitter: @sonononsense