by Karen Georgia A. Thompson

you arrived at the end
no longer concerned
with time or destination

the tiredness lingered
as you awaited the inevitability
of releasing this life

fear ebbed from the material
replaced by peace
you knew your life was lived and loved

your feet will not touch this ground
the sunlight will miss kissing
your face

you graced us with your presence
gifted us with your wit
you are the mighty among us

you invited us to the holy
at your bedside
in the quiet solitude of breath surrendered

elegant in your life’s journey
your purpose with us completed
you left us wiser for having known you

ashes to ashes
dust to dust
you return from whence you came

words fail to tell
the complexities of wanting you here
and letting you go to eternal rest

our tears are not enough
to express our deepest sorrow
or hold the change in our tomorrows

you are with us as we go on
we will remember your life
you are gone and never forgotten

19 February 2021
Olmsted Township, OH

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